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      80 years of service  
Celebrating our 80th year of serving the Northern California utility industry. Please contact for information on any of the companies that we proudly represent, or click on the company logo to be taken directly to their web site.

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Sandi Mills Sandi Mills

John Van Vessem

John Van Vessem

James E. Magolske James E. Magolske

Karen Braida Karen Braida

Scott Moyle Scott Moyle

Companies Represented
Digital Panel Metering, Intelligent Electronic Devices (Power Measurement, Event Recording, and Control), SCADA and IEC61850
BAE Batteries USA
Batteries (Flooded, VRLA-Gel) and racks: Utility, Tele Com, & Solar Applications (IEC 61427)
Cleveland Price
High voltage switches & motor operators
Delta Instrument L.L.C.
Digital Hygrometer, Portable SF6 Gas Collection and Transfer Unit, Explosion Proof Moisture Measurement (Portable & On-Line), Calorimeters
Eagle Eye Power Solutions
State of the art battery testing & monitoring equipment - Portable & Online options to meet and exceed NERC requirements
Galvan Electrical
Ground rods, clamps, and connectors
Hanhe - Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd.
UG power cable: XLPE (LV, MV, EHV< HVDC), EPR, submarine, fire resistant, nuclear, petrochem. OH cable: PVC/XLPE/HVDC, bare (ACSR, AAC, carbon fiber core). Fiber optic; cable & ADSS.
Inolect - Innovation in electric power
Remote Racking Unit; Arc Flash Hazard Services; Protective Device Coordination, Configuration & Retrofit; Power System Computer Model Maintenance; High Resistance Ground Units
Battery chargers, inverters, ups systems
OFIL Systems
Corona Detection Cameras
High quality porcelain station posts, bushings, and suspension insulators
Test Equipment: Protective Relay, IEC61850, Circuit Breaker, CT & VT, Transformer (Power Factor, SFRA, LTC), Dielectric Frequency Response, Partial Discharge (Rotating Machine monitoring, cables, instruments)
Richards Manufacturing Co.
Network protectors, Network protector relays, and monitoring equipment. Medium voltage molded rubber connectors & products, Overhead distribution & pole line hardware, wildlife guards
Ripley Lighting Controls
Smart Outdoor Lighting Controls for LED (Long Life), Induction, HPS, LPS, & Contactors
Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe Co.
PVC Cellular Core Conduit - DB 120, Sch 40, & Sch 80
Ruggedcom Industrial Strength Networks
Highly reliable, secure, and hardened communication networks for substation applications
Sicame Corp.
Insulation piercing connectors
Transformers, Regulators, Breakers, Switches, Relays, Recloser, Switchgear, GIS, RTUs, SCADA systems, SMART Grid Solutions
Complete line of cable, rope and fiber optic, pulling and suspension grips
GPS time & frequency references; master clock (reference clock), time standard, network clock, authoritative time source, sync clocks. Network Time Servers, PTP (IEEE-1588) products.
Trojan Dry Out Systems
Transformer Care Systems: On-Line (Dry-Out and Oil Regernation), High Vacuum Purification, Portable DGA, LTC filter System
Thompson Lightning Products, Inc.
Lightning protection products
Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions Inc.
Oil and SF6 testing: Testing, Analysis & Diagnostics (On-Line and Engineering Support)
Engineering Services: Education, Training, Assessment (Substation and Power Plant HV Assets)
Monitoring Systems: Hydrogen, Bushing, Transformer Hot Spot Temperature, Oil Dielectric
Software defined, custom RF solutions: serial, Ethernet, dual band MAS & ISM-FHSS, and DTS. Frequency ranges 150MHz to 3.5GHz, data rates of 51Kbps to 4.4Mbps. USA designed & built.

Click herepdf   to view, print, or download our linecard in pdf format.
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